We help companies reach their full potential.

Like every company, this one too, started with a small dream that became what we are today!

Our family

This is Us!.. Really ..Hi my name is Rose! And Rosy Marketing is me! I created my agency to REVAMP and REIMAGINE social media in the best way! My husband is my biggest supporter and I will do all for my kids. My passion for creating beautiful things started when I got pregnant with my baby girl (Or way before but don't tell my husband! Lol ;-))

My son was the best surprise we ever got and he changed our lives in the BEST way possible! To them I am "mamae".

Fun fact about me: I am Congolese, I live in Canada since forever! (I am Canadian from Congo RDC) and I speak french (I may or may not have a small french accent depending on who you ask.)

We love incorporating what you love the most, in an organic way to provide you with the best results.

Where we are today? A lot of our agency dreams came true

We got the opportunity to work with amazing companies and helped them grow x2 to x3 their income; So proud !

What we do?

We incorporate your visions

Bring results!

To make you the best in the business